The Hardrace reinforced trailing arm features high strength and lightweight aluminum alloy construction. It provides greater longitudinal structural strength over the factory stamped steel type trailing arms to resist movement of suspension generated during acceleration and braking, offering better traction under acceleration and corner exit. The trailing arm is also equipped with pillow ball bearings to provide firmer handling response and greater flexibility for alignment settings over the factory rubber bushings.

  • Lightweight CNC aluminum alloy construction
  • Premium quality pillow ball bushings equipped
  • Increase suspension rigidity
  • Improve traction and handling response
  • Direct bolt-on fitment


The warranty on Hardrace products depends on the type of product, with a minimum warranty period of 2 years. This warranty does not cover damage caused by a car crash, improper use, negligence or normal wear and tear.

Rubber bushes 5 years
Spherical bushes 2 years
Adjustable arms with rubber inserts 5 years
Adjustable arms with spherical inserts 2 years
Engine mounts 5 years
Sway bars Lifetime warranty
Bushes and endlinks 5 years
Billet inserts Lifetime warranty
Chassis brace Lifetime warranty
Ball joints/tie rods 2 years