Hardrace Camber & Toe Arms | UK Dealer

Shop Hardrace performance camber arms for a vast range of vehicle makes & models. Lowering your car will throw off all suspension geometry and alignment, putting unnecessary strain on the components due to the addition of extreme drivetrain angles. Every inch you lower your car on average adds 0.75 degrees of negative camber, which adds up quickly resulting in excessive tire wear among other issues. There are a few easy fixes to correct the geometry back to its original position. When lowering your car by 1.5” or more, most people will need to consider going for coilovers with existing camber plates, camber bolts or adjustable control arms as the factory adjustments no longer suffice. Generally, the adjustment range of Hardrace camber kit is from -3 to +2 degrees which in most cases, is enough to correct the camber angle to it’s original position.